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Are keloids a serious condition?

Keloids are one of many types of skin conditions that can develop. The doctors at Plantation Dermatology in Plantation, FL, work routinely with patients who have these and can provide treatment options. Many patients are concerned about their keloids and whether or not they are serious. Let’s learn more about keloids, or “keloid scars.”

What is a keloid scar?

Keloid scars are raised, thickened, and sometimes itchy scars that form when your body produces too much collagen in response to an injury. They most commonly occur on the chest, shoulders, or upper back. Keloids can also form on the earlobes after piercing them and on the face following surgery or trauma.

Are keloids a serious condition?

Keloids are benign (not cancerous) growths that can occur after any type of skin injury, including burns, chickenpox, acne, cuts, and vaccinations. They may also develop spontaneously without an apparent injury. Keloids often run in families, so you may be more likely to get them if someone in your family has them.

How big can keloids become?

Keloids can vary in size from very small (less than 1 centimeter) to large (larger than 5 centimeters). They can be disfiguring and cause psychological distress. Keloids are different from hypertrophic scars, which are also raised and thickened but do not grow beyond the margins of the original injury.

Can I prevent keloids from occurring?

There is no tried-and-true way to prevent keloids, but avoiding trauma to the skin and using pressure dressings or silicone gel sheeting after injuries may help reduce the risk.

What are the treatment options for keloids?

If you have a keloid, treatment options include intralesional steroid injections, cryotherapy (freezing), laser therapy, and surgery. Surgery to remove a keloid may be followed by other treatments to help keep the scar from coming back. However, it may return, especially in patients who are susceptible to them.

How do I get a proper diagnosis of keloid scarring?

At Plantation Dermatology, we offer solutions for our patients when it comes to getting a proper diagnosis and treatment of keloid scars. We welcome patients in the Plantation, FL area to call 954-577-5161 to request an appointment with our team of professionals.

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