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Plantation Dermatology, formerly known as Altman Dermatology, offers the full spectrum of dermatologic services from medical to cosmetic. We are proud to offer the latest technology for our non-surgical and surgical procedures.





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Meet Dr. Steven Barilla

Steven Barilla, M.D.

Steven Barilla, MD is a Dermatologist. He earned his medical degree from Wake Forest School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. While in medical school, Dr. Barilla conducted research on patient education and the use of technology inpatient-centered care.

While at Wake Forest, Dr. Barilla was awarded the Charles M. Howell Memorial Excellence in dermatology Award. Furthermore, while in medical school he published a textbook chapter, numerous peer-reviewed publications and presented at both local and national dermatology conferences.

Meet Dan Lebovits

Dan Lebovits, PA-C

Dan Lebovits is a board-certified Physician Assistant with over 20 years of experience in dermatology. Daniel graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a B.A. in Communications prior to continuing his education at the highly acclaimed State University of New York at Stony Brook, where he earned his degree of Bachelor of Science in Physician Assistant Studies, graduating Cum Laude.

Dan is board certified by the National Commission for Certification of Physician Assistants and is licensed to practice in the state of Florida. His professional affiliations include the American Academy of Physician Assistants and the Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants, where he has earned the designation of Diplomate Fellow.

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I came in as a new patient, and had an excellent experience. Staff was friendly, and didn’t have to wait: highly recommend!


Dr. Altman is by far best dermatologist ever!! He was very kind and attentive, I recommend this office to anyone seeking dermatologic care!!!


Dr Altman is a great doctor, he will tell you what you need to do in order to fix your issues. I have been going for several years now and he has helped me with my cancer issues like a pro. He is the best.


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