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Meet Dr. Steven Barilla

Steven Barilla, M.D.

Steven Barilla, MD is a Dermatologist. He earned his medical degree from Wake Forest School ofMedicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. While in medical school, Dr. Barilla conducted research on patient education and the use of technology inpatient-centered care.

While at Wake Forest, Dr. Barilla was awarded the Charles M. Howell Memorial Excellence in dermatology Award. Furthermore, while in medical school he published a textbook chapter, numerous peer-reviewed publications and presented at both local and national dermatology conferences.

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Say Goodbye To Spider Veins Before Summer

Summer is just around the corner, which means warmer weather and shorter hemlines. And while many look forward to the summer season, this time of year can also cast a shadow of self-doubt if you’re living with a condition like spider veins. Telangiectasia, the medical term for spider veins, is a condition in which small, …

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3 Ways to Clear Up Rosacea Fast

From skin redness and broken capillaries to swollen bumps and pustules, there’s nothing fun about a rosacea flare-up. This irritating skin condition may be chronic, but there are still effective ways to manage it. At Plantation Dermatology, dermatologist Dr. Steven Barilla and our team of skincare specialists have helped countless patients with rosacea achieve more calm skin …

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5 Reasons NOT to Skip Your Annual Skin Exam

We get it – no one likes taking time out of their busy schedule to go see a doctor for an annual exam. But we also know that staying up to date with your yearly physicals, eye exams, and dental check-ups are an important part of preventive care and help to keep you feeling healthy …

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3 Reasons to Use Cyst Aspiration for Cyst Removal

A cyst is a sac-like pocket that can grow almost anywhere in your body or under your skin. They’re typically benign and filled with fluid, air, or dead skin cells. However, cysts in certain locations can be uncomfortable. A ruptured cyst can even cause lasting damage, especially if it’s located on an ovary or in …

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Top 4 Scar Removal Treatments

It’s rare to reach adulthood without a few scars. However, even though they’re common, you might not love how they look. While many scars fade over time, they can remain noticeable throughout your life. Fortunately, there are several effective scar removal treatments. People with raised and discolored keloids or hypertrophic scars, which form when your body overproduces collagen …

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Beautiful Legs for Valentine’s Day! Spider Vein Removal

Spider veins, or telangiectasias, are tiny visible blood vessels beneath the skin that typically branch out on your legs or face. If you have spider veins, you’re not alone. This common condition affects nearly half of the United States population. Fortunately, spider vein removal is more effective than ever. At Plantation Dermatology (formerly known as Altman Dermatology), our highly …

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I came in as a new patient, and had an excellent experience. Staff was friendly, and didn’t have to wait: highly recommend!


Dr. Altman is by far best dermatologist ever!! He was very kind and attentive, I recommend this office to anyone seeking dermatologic care!!!


Dr Altman is a great doctor, he will tell you what you need to do in order to fix your issues. I have been going for several years now and he has helped me with my cancer issues like a pro. He is the best.


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