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Top 4 Scar Removal Treatments

It’s rare to reach adulthood without a few scars. However, even though they’re common, you might not love how they look. While many scars fade over time, they can remain noticeable throughout your life. Fortunately, there are several effective scar removal treatments.

People with raised and discolored keloids or hypertrophic scars, which form when your body overproduces collagen during the healing stage, often seek scar removal. We also regularly treat pitted acne scars at Plantation Dermatology.  If you’re interested in what scar removal treatments could do for your skin, read on to learn more about some of the top options. 

1. Injections to Minimize Scars

Cortisone injections can improve the appearance of raised scars by softening fibrous tissue and decreasing redness and inflammation. Because these injections are quick to administer and painless beyond a small needle prick, they’re a great first step in improving the appearance of your scars.

Injectable dermal fillers can also minimize the appearance of pitted scars from chickenpox or acne. This treatment temporarily fills depressions to give you a smoother complexion. 

2. Surface Treatments for Scar Removal

Popular aesthetic services like microdermabrasion and chemical peels can also improve the appearance of scars. These surface treatments gently remove the top layers of skin and even out your overall texture.

3. Laser Treatments to Fade Scars

Laser treatments work similarly to microdermabrasion or chemical peels. While this option won’t completely remove your scar, it can soften it and make it less noticeable. Several treatments may be required to see significant fading.

4. Surgical Excision for Scar Removal

Surgery isn’t always the best option to treat your scars if you’re prone to keloids. However, you might consider surgical revision for deeper scars that aren’t responsive to other treatments. Excision can relieve the uncomfortable skin-tightening feeling some scars develop by removing the damaged tissue and cleanly closing the area, sometimes with a skin flap or graft.

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Scars are a part of life, but that doesn’t mean you need to live with them. At Plantation Dermatology, Dr. Steven Barilla and our skilled team are passionate about finding clinical and cosmetic solutions that help our patients achieve healthy, beautiful skin. To learn more about our removal techniques, including the keloid and hypertrophic scar treatments we provide, contact our Plantation, Florida, practice at 954-577-5161.

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