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Top 5 Causes Of Female Hair Loss

Hair loss can be embarrassing, troubling, and downright scary. Most people do know that men experience balding (you have probably heard the term ‘male pattern baldness’), but did you know that ‘female pattern baldness’ exists? When it comes to female hair loss, most people would rather pull out their hair than talk about it. However, if you’re suffering from female hair loss or have noticed the shower drain having clumps of hair compared to the usual strands, you may have already jumped to solutions. Before learning about what you can do about women’s hair growth, learn about some of the most common causes of female hair loss.

Age-Related Hair Loss In Women

With age comes changes to the body. Typically, most are accustomed to seeing their hair go from its natural color to gray; however, even women experience thinning or hair loss as they age. Due to slowing growth, brittle follicles, and follicle shrinking, hair loss can happen in women.

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes can affect the growth cycles of the hair and either fast-track progression through that cycle to the point where hair is falling out, or can slow down the hair growth cycle to the point where hair growth is slowed. Hormonal changes can be caused by external factors such as medication like birth control, or they can be related to age, as with menopause.


From causing breakouts to hair loss, stress has been attributed to affecting hair growth in women. If you can point your finger at a significant stressor in your life, chances are it could be a cause of your hair loss.


Vitamin and mineral deficiencies, specifically the vitamins B12 and B7, which have been linked to proper hair development, can lead to unhealthy hair. A lack of these vitamins coupled with any of the other causes of female hair loss on this list can exacerbate the issue leading to more profound hair loss for women.

Excessive Hair Styling

Apart from stress in the body, you can induce stress within the hair as well. Heat treatments and color treatments can affect your hair through excessive straining leading to your hair becoming brittle and your scalp becoming clogged.

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